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Spire Movement

At Spire, we are committed to providing you with that affordable, trendy, comfortable fit as you journey through your active lifestyle.


Our business believes that physical exercise positively contributes to your overall well-being, therefore what you wear should be of the highest quality.

The Spire movement originated in Trinidad + Tobago, at a time when there weren't many options for purchasing affordable, stylish and accessible athleisure wear with a premium standard quality.

photo credit Jameel Bellerand

Currently our apparel line caters to females but we plan to expand the product offerings to both genders in the future.


Our brand is built on the belief that you can look great while you work on becoming a better you, as you pursue your fitness goals or embark on a more active lifestyle. You embrace who you are and feel confident that being active can only help you improve on that.

Our hope is to create an online community built on motivating individuals to adopt active lifestyles and to show that the sweat and the hard work are all a part of the fitness journey, essential to looking and feeling good.


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